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My name is Jackie and I would like to share my story with you. My sister Annette was diagnosed with lung cancer and a brain tumour several years ago. In her fight toward recovery she had undergone 3 surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. The physical and emotional effects of this were needless to say, challenging.   Just like you, she lost her hair and was faced with a temporary alternative.  Her experience when shopping for a wig was less than cordial.  When she left the wig salon crying, I knew at that moment, someday I would open up a salon of my own and strive to make everyone’s visit a pleasant one. Although my wig collection can be worn by all, my main focus will be helping those who have been diagnosed with medical conditions and illnesses that require treatments which ultimately will result in hair loss.



I am pleased to announce I have added a full line of breast prosthesis and bras to my collection so we can proudly offer solutions to meet all of your personal needs.  With a  Certified Mastectomy Fitter on staff I can assure you absolute professionalism along with complete privacy during this very sensitive time. 

It is my desire to create an atmosphere that will make your visit as comfortable as can be, and for you to safely put your trust in me. 

Last, but certainly not least,  I’m grateful to say my sister is a cancer SURVIVOR and a true inspiration to me.