Preparing for Treatment

Planning ahead is one of the best things you can do for yourself.  

Before Surgery

Whether your treatment will be a lumpectomy, partial or full  mastectomy,  you can be comfortable while healing with a Healing Kit. You will need to  bring it with you to your surgery appointment.

The Healing Kit includes a cotton leisure bra, a soft puff form and a velcro-attachable drainage pouch.   The leisure bra is something you can continue wearing long after surgery as well.  

Wig Shopping

I would encourage those of you who will be starting chemotherapy treatments to see me beforehand. It’s best if I can see you before hair loss occurs. However if this isn’t possible, I would suggest you bring a picture of yourself that reflects your desired look.  It is also comforting if you can bring along a family member or close friend.

Losing your hair can be very emotional.  I would suggest cutting it a little shorter as this process takes place.  You may even choose to shave your head to avoid this experience altogether.  I would be glad to offer either of these services to you at no charge.   Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns before shopping for a wig.